The Brandboxx – Event Location in Salzburg

Fashion, expo and events center near Salzburg

In actuality, the Brandboxx is a fashion wholesale center and a first-class platform for fashion, lifestyle and sportswear. But in addition, they also host trade shows and special events of all kinds and sizes.

With 6500 square meters available, this is one of the biggest event spaces in all of Salzburg Province.

As the most important location for the fashion, shoe and sports sectors in Austria, a variety of trade expos, sales shows and events are held here year-round. At the same time, the Brandboxx can also be leased: With such vast spaces available and limitless combination options, the Brandboxx is suitable for practically every conceivable event. 

Needless to say, you will also find state-of-the-art technology here and, with its own restaurant, air conditioning, blackout options, a set-up team and much more, all opportunities are open to you.

Right next door to the fashion world

With 120 business tenants from the world of fashion and 70 exhibitors from the sports sector, the Brandboxx has developed into a true center of the clothing sector. Complemented by 50 shoe businesses and many others. In combination with an outstanding location right off the A1 autobahn (“Salzburg Nord” exit), this has evolved into a perfect location for the clothing industry.

From Eugendorf, you are just 12 km via the autobahn from Bergheim and the Brandboxx. The parking area right outside has spaces for up to 1000 vehicles.
Are you planning your event at the Brandboxx, or have you been invited to attend and need the right place to stay? Eugendorf, close to Salzburg and Bergheim, is the perfect choice: Send us your no-obligation booking enquiry, guaranteeing that, with your work done for the day, you will be able to quietly step away and look forward to a peaceful evening.

Additional Information
Brandboxx Salzburg GmbH
Moosfeldstraße 1
5101 Bergheim bei Salzburg
Telefon: +43 662 46 87 0

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