Beer Specialty in Eugendorf

Just imagine a glass of beer: on the outside of the glass, all in white, the logo of GenussWirte Eugendorf, the perfectly cooled beer in a color tone reminiscent of light copper and with a perfect head of foam. See the picture in your mind’s eye? That is what Eugendorf GenussBier is all about. 

This beer is the result of a cooperation between GenussWirte Eugendorf and Hofbräuhaus Kaltenhausen. The brewery in Kaltenhausen, originally established in the year 1475, is the oldest in Salzburg, though still with its fingers firmly on the pulse of the times. Since 2011, this location – which features a plant producing outstanding specialty beers as well as a training center – has been completed dedicated to beer culture. Hofbräu Kaltenhausen, under the leadership of brewmaster Günther Seeleitner, regularly contributes to the rich assortment of regional beers with its own limited special editions and is an important partner of many dining establishments in Eugendorf.

Brewmaster Seeleitner, in close consultation with our GenussWirte, developed an unfiltered brew with a very light copper tone, convincing with its distinctive bouquet of malt, a gentle caramel note and gentle echoes of fruity hops. Full of character and full-bodied, with 5.3% alcohol content and 12.5° gravity, GenussBier is served to guests in Eugendorf as the perfect companion to typical regional dishes.

Traditionally, Eugendorf GenussBier is brought out twice a year, once in June and once in September, and is available until all supplies have been drunk up. Since the beer is very popular with guests, that point is often reached very quickly!

Now is the perfect time to make table reservations at one of the Eugendorf GenussWirte and get ready to taste the wonderful flavor of GenussBier for yourself.
Eugendorf GenussWirte – hospitality with tradition.