Show Garden of the Schwaighofen Fruit & Garden Society

The Eugendorf Show Garden is a place that offers people the opportunity to decelerate, whether working in the garden or as a visitor. The founder and former honorary chairman of the Fruit & Garden Society, Alfred Pesendorfer, had a clear vision of just how this garden should look.

The show garden of the Fruit & Garden Society is located roughly one kilometer from the town center of Eugendorf, at the end of Wangerweg. Lush, natural diversity is presented on around 6000 square meters. The fruit garden is home to some 50 fruit trees of various types. Furthermore, seasonal regional grains grow on a small field. The big herb spiral is tended by the “herb witch”, while delightful waterlilies and typical shoreline vegetation grow in the Himmelsteich pond. Yet another highlight in the show garden is a bee house, inhabited by four different bee colonies.

In addition, guests can gaze on vegetable plants in the greenhouse, a bed of flowers and shrubs, berry bushes and a farmhouse garden. On the Barefoot Path, you have the opportunity to finetune your senses and motor skills. And growing in one corner of the garden are the seven “ingredients” to make the Eugendorf Palm Bush. And not to be forgotten: the composting area, which digests large quantities of plant cuttings and garden waste. (Source: Marktgemeinde Eugendorf)

The show garden is free to visit and always open. You can count on bumping into the busy gardeners there every Friday afternoon from mid-March until All Saints. They are always happy to answer any questions you might have. That said, there are a few rules which you should follow:

  • Please don’t walk on the flowerbeds.
  • Don’t throw stones into the pond or onto the field.
  • Don’t pull up any plants.
  • Do not willfully destroy anything.
  • Always keep the entrance gate closed.
  • Please do not harvest any fruit.
  • Only open beehives if a beekeeper is present.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The garden is not a playground, it is intended for relaxation and as something beautiful to look at.

More information and contact possibilities you can find on the website “Blooming Salzburg”.

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