Shopping Opportunities in the City of Mozart

In Salzburg, shopping in combination with sightseeing is an absolute delight. Between historic buildings in narrow lanes, between broad plazas and the iconic through-houses of the Getreidegasse, you will find a large number of fashion stores, boutiques, delicatessens and arts & crafts treasures. Salzburg also boasts one of the biggest shopping malls in the entire province.

Shopping in the Historic District

You can fairly describe the Salzburg historic district as a true shopping paradise. The famous Getreidegasse alone, with its historic iron guild signs, is home to bigger and smaller shops along its entire length. Behind the ancient facades of historically listed buildings, you will find everything you could possibly imagine, including designer furniture, fashions, handcrafts and even a unique Easter egg shop. Awaiting you whenever the time is right are charming cafés or, in summer especially, the gentle cooling breezes of the nearby River Salzach.

Europark Shopping Mall in Salzburg

In the Taxham part of Salzburg (easy to reach via the autobahn or S-Bahn suburban railway), the Europark is one of the best and most splendid shopping centers in the world. Even if just for the design alone, the Europark is definitely well worth the visit. That said, the more than 130 different shops make the most important contribution to the charm of this shopping mecca. And with the “Oval”, the Europark is the only shopping mall on the continent with its own events stage, hosting first-class concerts and stage plays throughout the year.

Designer Outlet

Close to the airport and likewise reachable via the autobahn or by bus: The Designer Outlet Salzburg awaits you with a broad selection of designer brands, accessories, jewelry, timepieces and much more. Sold as much as 70% lower than the regular retail price. If you show your Salzburg Card at the information desk there, you will receive a Fashion Pass good for an additional 10% off.

Shopping in Eugendorf

However, for a town of its size, Eugendorf also boasts an enormous selection of stores. Whether furniture, folk fashions, home decor or even model homes, here, close to the autobahn, you will find everything you could possibly imagine.