The Kirchberger Georgiritt

Every two years, horseback riders from Eugendorf and the surrounding areas gather to participate in a horse parade in honor of Saint George to St. George’s Church in Kirchberg. The parade is accompanied by thunderous volleys fired off in salute by the Eugendorf Prangerstutzenschützen and music performed by the Eugendorf town folk band. Involving around 200 riders on colorfully decked-out horses as well as horse-drawn carriages, the procession leads from Landhotel-Gasthof Drei Eichen along the road to Saint George’s Church in Kirchberg. Further honoring the saint, who is one of the fourteen Auxiliary Saints, the church is circled one time. After speeches by invited guests of honor, the horses and riders receive a blessing. Then comes a true highlight: an event known as “Kranzlstechen”.

The Kranzlstechen takes place at the original parade assembly point next to Landhotel-Gasthof Drei Eichen. Here, the riders are required to demonstrate their horseriding skills: At a full gallop, each participant must strike a suspended wreath with their lance. No easy task! Though definitely very exciting. Also for spectators.

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