The Goldhauben Ladies

The golden headdress (“Goldhaube”) has been worn by ladies here, primarily on special occasions, since back in the 17th century. Characteristic of the Goldhaube are the silk and golden threads which are woven in, as well as gold embroidery and sequins. Several women in Eugendorf wanted to revive this tradition, leading them to found the “Goldhaubengruppe Eugendorf” in 1971. Roughly ten years later, they decided to expand their group: the headscarf was also something that had been worn to traditional events since 1900.
In this way, the “Goldhauben Ladies” of Eugendorf add beauty to many different events, appearing at various festivals, both secular and sacred. True to their motto ” Appreciation, Community and Friendship”, they make a significant contribution to the village spirit.

Chairwoman: Rosa Elsenwenger