Scordalus Pass – the Eugendorf Krampusses

The figure of “Krampus” is a special Austrian tradition. Krampus is the companion of Saint Nick. According to legend, it is he who punishes children who have been naughty. On and around Krampus Day, the 5th of December, Krampus parades are held throughout the Alpine region, including SalzburgerLand. During these parades, an array of Krampus groups proudly show off their scarily beautiful masks and costumes to the general public.
This tradition is alive and well in Eugendorf: The “Scordalus Pass” was founded in 2006, not only participating in Krampus parades themselves, but also actively ensuring this tradition continues to thrive. That said, “Scordalus Pass” makes personal house visits (by phone appointment) on Saint Nicholas’ Day and takes part in the Krampus parade at the Eugendorf Advent Market, which takes place annually on the second Sunday of Advent and attracts many visitors.

Chairman: Christian Egger

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