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Eugendorf and its heritage societies – “Living Traditions”

Eugendorf is a community which also reveres its folk traditions; a fact reflected in its many different heritage groups. At numerous events in Eugendorf and surrounding areas, these groups make regular special appearances. Good examples of this include the annual “Georgiritt” as well as the raising of the maypole on May 1st.

Want to know more? If so, here you will find a few impressions along with some background information about our different folk societies.

D'Vorberger Heritage Group

The D´Vorberger heritage group was founded in Eugendorf back in 1949. The name actually comes from an area at the foot of the Heuberg – known as the Vorberg, including the small communities of Neuhofen, Kraiwiesen and Unzing. Its current 170 members are committed to preserving folk costumes, folk dance and various deeply rooted traditions.

The D´Vorberger heritage group is especially dedicated to its youth programs. In fact, around 35 members under 15 years of age belong to the organization’s children’s & youth group. The active dance group consists of 25 young lads & lasses ages 15 to 30.

Special events hosted by the group include “Dirndl- & Weibereisschiessen” (an ice-stock event for girls and women), the Harvest Dance, various dance courses as well as the Kirchberger Georgiritt (a horseback pilgrimage). Along with other activities such as folk evenings and bowling nights, club outings and group hikes in the mountains, the D´Vorberger are a very active heritage group year-round.




Chairmann: Josef Aigner jun.

E-Mail: info@vorberger.info

Web: www.vorberger.info


Source: Gemeinde Eugendorf

Eugendorf Prangerschützen

The Eugendorf Prangerschützen are first mentioned being in attendance at the consecration of a church back in the year 1763.  These ceremonial riflemen are then documented as an independent guild attached to Eugendorf parish church in 1776.

The oldest heritage group in the market town of Eugendorf, in former times the Prangerschützen didn’t only appear in parades and other church-related events, they would also shoot off their noisy weapons from locations on Eugendorf mountain, Kraimoos and Kirchberg in order to notify the local fire brigade.

This riflemen’s guild was awarded its first flag in 1896. The honorary title of “Flag Mother” was given to Walburga Gassner (of the Krämerbauer Farm), while the captain of the troop at that time was Josef Bernhofer (from Eckerbauer Farm).

The Prangerschützen would hold their regular meetings in their favorite inn, the "Holznerwirt". This prompted Eveline Bimminger, who ran the inn, to donate a commemorative streamer for their flag to mark the group’s bicentennial in 1976, after which she became the official “godmother” of the Prangerschützen. Today, the Eugendorf Prangerschützen boasts around 90 active and supportive members.



Chairman: Josef Ebner jun.

E-Mail: freibauer@gmx.at


Source: Gemeinde Eugendorf 

The Goldhauben Ladies

In 1971, a group of local women dedicated to preserving local folk customs and traditions founded the Goldhaubengruppe Eugendorf. In 1990 this group  - easily recognized at heritage events by the beautiful golden bonnets they sport – was joined by yet another group of ladies, famous for their headscarves, a tradition which went back to the year 1900 in the Flachgau region.

The group is dedicated to preserving local folk traditions, contributing to the local community, and to making festivals, both religious and secular, more beautiful through their personal participation.

The common thread running through all their activities: an active sense of APPRECIATION, COMMUNITY and FRIENDSHIP, making an invaluable contribution to village life. 



Chairwoman: Rosa Elsenwenger

E-Mail: eugendorfer@goldhauben.eu


Source: Flachgauer Heimatvereine

Trachtenmusikkapelle Eugendorf

In 1872, on the occasion of the 2nd banner dedication of the local military veterans’ society, a band was also founded. Talented musicians from the village rehearsed marches and concert music with then teacher and choir director Wilhelm Mayrwieser. And so it was that the new band first performed at a thanksgiving festival later in the year 1872.

Under their new conductor Josef Edl, they were joined by musicians from neighboring communities. After he gave up the position, the band was divided into the "Gschirn-Musi" (led by "Gschirnwirt" Norbert Stefan) and the "Metzgerbauern-Musi" (under Johann Fuchs), who christened his band  "Veteranenmusik Eugendorf-Hallwang".

At the end of the war, Johann Matzinger trained young musicians and celebrated the 50th anniversary of the band in September 1924. Only at the 80-year anniversary in June 1955 did the band formerly become a “Trachtenmusikkapelle”, sporting its own distinctive marching uniform to local events. In 1990, Martin Aichriedler took over the baton. In 1973, the Trachtenmusikkapelle celebrated its 100th anniversary and, in honor of the occasion, was outfitted with brand-new uniforms.




Chairman: Andreas Rameder

Kapellmeister Stefan Eder

E-Mail: tmk-eugendorf@gmx.at

Web: www.facebook.com/TMK-Eugendorf


Source: Gemeinde Eugendorf

"Scordalus Pass" - the Eugendorfer Krampusses

"Scordalus Pass" was founded in 2005 by four young lads from Eugendorf, in order to preserve the Krampus tradition here in the community.

Since that time, Thomas Egger has been chairman of the Eugendorf Krampus Group, which consists of eight Krampusses, one St. Nicholas and eleven “stewards”.

Over the last almost 10 years, "Scordalus Pass" has already seen a number of changes: In 2006 and 2007, Mario Guggenberger from Berchtesgaden was the group’s official carver, while in 2008 the group changed to Roli Weichenberger, a famous mask-carver from Gampern. Since 2014, Andi Radauer – himself a member of "Scordalus Pass” – has been the group’s carver.

From 2006 to 2009, the pelts and costumes they wore were supplied by Gerberei Koch in Rennweg. Since 2010 however, these have been painstakingly handmade  by the members of "Scordalus Pass" themselves.

On St Nicholas’ Day,  "Scordalus Pass" – along with Saint Nicholas and two Krampusses – visit private households in Eugendorf by phone appointment. In addition, "Scordalus Pass" organizes the big Krampus parade in Eugendorf, which draws numerous visitors every year on the second Sunday in Advent.


Chairman: Thomas Egger

E-Mail: scordalus-pass@drei.at

Web: www.scordalus-pass.at


Source: Gemeinde Eugendorf



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