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Milestones of Mobility

Ferdinand Porsche‘s World of Discovery fahr(T)raum in Mattsee

At fahr(T)raum automobiles designed by Ferdinand Porsche are exhibited, first with Lohner and later, at the beginning of the 20th century, for Austro Daimler. Amongst these you will also find the ‘Prinz Heinrich’ car, which rates as the first ‘real’ sports car in the world. Ferdinand Porsche used a particularly light aviation engine with high output for his construction. In order to reduce the air resistance he designed an extremely aerodynamic shape for the automobile. Porsche first took part in the Prinz Heinrich Race in 1910 with, what was at that time, an unusual car. A race with 6 stages that covers 1,800km throughout the whole of Germany. Ferdinand Porsche won the race and in 1911 the World Speed Record with a speed of 172km/h. What few people know: starting in 1915 he was also involved with the motorisation of agricultural machinery, as is exhibited in the ‘Traktor-Stadl’. Besides the valuable exhibits visitors will find highly modern simulators as well as a Carrera car slot racing track.

A Memorial to Ferdinand Porsche

The 20th century was rated as the century of mobility. Never before did people travel so much.The automobiles designed by the team around Ferdinand Porsche were significant in many mrespects: the Austro Daimler „Prinz Heinrich“ or the „Kaiserwagen“ made in 1912 by Lohner for Emperor Franz Joseph I. Each of the precious exhibits has its own fascinating story: what is special about the „Louisewagen“ or, who could actually afford the KdF car „Volkswagen“? Fascinating insights into the world of the automobile, that couldn’t be more entertaining than they are. Engineer Ernst Piëch fulfilled a dream with the presentation of his valuable vehicles on show in the former shoe factory with its cool and practical architecture. The opening took place in June 2013. Since then a lot has happened at fahr(T)raum. From outdoor events such as the model sports week, a Ferdinand Porsche outing into the countryside or the monthly events ranging from classical to jazz concerts, revues and literary readings. There is always something exciting happening at fahr(T)traum. “I don’t want to only exhibit beautiful vintage cars, but offer even more” is the intention expressed by Ferdinand Porsche’s grandson, Ernst Piëch.

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