The Genusswirte in Portrait

GenussWirte hosts are true originals, all of them. Each leaves their own personal stamp on their business, filling it with the sincere brand of hospitality for which Eugendorf is so famous. You see them busily at work in the kitchen, or eagerly greeting their guests. The very definition of a “hands-on” approach for sure!

Landgasthof Holznerwirt

Schönbauer Family

Landgasthof Holznerwirt was built in 1390, since when it has provided holidaymakers and through-travelers with a place to enjoy good food, refreshments and a well-deserved timeout. Their guests have always been given loving, dedicated service. The reputation of this Landgasthof precedes it: The Holznerwirt is a popular choice for holidays, regional specialties and wines.

Hosts: Gerhard and Margot Schönbauer

Gasthof Gastagwirt

Maislinger Family

For over 700 years, the Gastagwirt has been greeting guests amid the cozy walls of this inn. Its rich history as a tavern and resting place for travelers between Vienna and Salzburg is a part of its charm. Their own organic farm together with the loving preparation of their foods and drinks guarantee an enjoyable visit to Gasthof Gastagwirt every time.

Hosts: Fritz and Anneliese Maislinger

Landhotel-Gasthof Drei Eichen

Gollackner Family

Tradition at Gasthof Drei Eichen is documented in black and white, with the oldest official reference to the “Taverne zur Eich” dating back to the 16th century! Since then, many summers have come and gone. Be that as it may, at Landhotel-Gasthof Drei Eichen time has definitely not stood still, constantly striving to ensure their guests have a wonderful visit. For six generations, the Gollackner family has been cooking up dishes from around the world with a true passion.

Hosts: Andreas and Katharina Gollackner

Wirtefamilie Gollackner von Landhotel Drei Eichen

Landhotel Gschirnwirt

Schinagl Family

Whilst this house was first mentioned in a contract of sale dated 1385, the name “Gschirn” actually references an owner from the 16th century. The name is likely related to the modern word for horse tackle, “Pferdegeschirr”, suggesting that Landhotel Gschirnwirt served as a way-station for merchants traveling between Vienna and Salzburg. Since 1847, the inn has been passed down from one generation to the next. Which guarantees delicious meals based on old family recipes and many enjoyable hours spent at Landhotel Gschirnwirt.

Host: Eva Schinagl

Gasthof Neuwirt

Hörl Family

It originally began as a simple pub selling bottled beers in 1958, though then things developed very quickly and they soon received a concession as a “Gasthaus”. At first they only served small meals, such as “Grandma’s Favorite”, their original beef goulash. Because business was going so well, they dared to take the next step and rent out rooms. Since that time, Birgit and Sepp Hörl have been very hard at work at the Neuwirt – including new construction, a new kitchen, new rooms and new design. The new Gasthof Neuwirt is absolutely resplendent!

Hosts: Birgit and Sepp Hörl

Hotel.Restaurant Am Hochfuchs

Oberreiter Family

A little more than 50 years ago, a building project began on the Eugendorfer Berg: This would become “Berghof Dachsteinblick”. Since those first beginnings, much has been perfected, remodeled and innovatively changed – including raising the roof, literally, to make the rooms on the third floor more comfortable. In 2016, Margit & Michael took over the scepter of Berghof Dachsteinblick, not only conjuring up a fully renovated restaurant, but also a new name: “Hotel.Restaurant Am Hochfuchs”.

Hosts: Margit and Michael Oberreiter

Wirtsleute Oberreiter vom Hotel.Restaurant Am Hochfuchs

Santner’s Einkehr

Elsenwenger Family

Wine and beer drinkers have long since found a marvelous oasis here, since Santner’s Einkehr in Eugendorf generally features a selection of extraordinary specialties and rarities. Hearty appetites are also taken care of, too: They serve traditional regional dishes as well as sumptuous hot & cold buffets. Highlights include soufflés, roasts, fried chicken, various appetizers and an array of fresh salads. The Elsenwenger family always gives their guests a warm welcome, along with personal recommendations for their freshly created daily specials.

Hosts: Felix and Rosemarie Elsenwenger

Gasthof zur Strass

Leitner Family

Roughly 600 years – that’s how long Gasthof zur Strass has stood in Eugendorf.
A number of years ago, Hans & Lilly Leitner took over the reins at Gasthof zur Strass. Bringing international flavor to this traditional inn. Today, “die Strass” stands for fresh, healthy cuisine and especially those delicious Mexican specialties that frequently appear on their menu.

Hosts: Hans and Lilly Leitner