Minigolf Leopoldskron
Firmianstraße (neben dem Freibad Leopoldskron)
5020 Salzburg

Minigolf Salzachsee
Schmiedingerstraße 157
5020 Salzburg

Minigolf Mattsee

Minigolf Neumarkt
Neumarkt – Ostbucht
Uferstraße 3

Minigolf Obertrum am See
Schulstraße 2,
5162 Obertrum am See

Mini Golf in SalzburgerLand

Fans of the downscaled version of golf will also find what they’re looking for in Salzburg and the Salzburg Lake District. Two mini-golf courses are located in the city of Mozart and are built to international standards.
If you think that mini golf is merely a variant of golf for children, you couldn’t be more mistaken. It demands a fine touch and smart tactics, while many players even have their own putter and special balls. That said, a quick 18-hole round of mini golf is always great fun.

We especially recommend playing mini golf in a group. And if the first round isn’t a total success: Simply right it off and do better the next time. Depending on your group size, a round takes about 30 minutes. Send us your no-obligation booking enquiry and, in addition to classic golf, look forward to soccer golf and mini golf.

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